The right message to the right person, in the right time and place.

That’s Relevance.

What we do

Relevance is a Digital First media agency. We offer strategy and campaign services within Programmatic, social media, Search Marketing and Email campaigns.

Channel and content optimisation

Our data-driven approach goes beyond recommendations for channel strategy and optimization. We turn audience insights into actionable recommendations, so your content can be adapted and optimized based on your audiences actual behaviour, and thereby be more relevant.

Expect more

Making an impression and creating awareness is great, but our clients usually expect more. They want engagement, leads and action. That’s what we deliver.

How we do it

Curious – We love finding new and better ways for achieving success. Testing, experimenting and hacking are all natural steps in our process to better client results.

Transparent – Transparency is the basis for trust. We report all media investments and costs. No secrets, kickbacks or unwelcome surprises.

Agile – Acting on news and social trends increases audience engagement and relevance massively. A news-driven approach helps your message break through the noise and be perceived as more relevant. This way you get a more engaging and cost-effective campaign.

Brand-safe – Full control of which media outlets and contexts your brand is associated with is important for all brands. Keeping track of engagement is equally important, we facilitate monitoring and response services to ad comments in social platforms.

Passion – We are a small independent media agency that will give our love, care and attention to all our clients– no matter the size of media budget.

Relevance is a part of Reform Society

Moving people and power to change the world.